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Learn More About the Insite Electronics Repair Process

07 Jun, 2016 / by admin
Learn More About the Insite Electronics Repair Process

At Insite Electronics Services, we’re constantly looking at new ways to help our clients. One of the ways that we’re able to save our clients’ money and allow them to generate more revenue for their practice or medical facility is through our patient monitoring equipment repair services. By offering electronic repairs that you can count on, we’ve positioned ourselves as a market leader in the Upstate area for all types of medical equipment repairs.


Patient Monitoring Systems Repair Process

When you first see signs that your medical device equipment may not be functioning properly, it’s best to get in touch with our team immediately. We’ll typically request that you send in your equipment to our repair facility, and once we’ve received it, we’ll begin to complete any medical device repairs quickly and efficiently.

For high volume repairs, as quick a turnaround as you require may not be possible. In these situations, we offer the option to exchange equipment to keep you running on all cylinders. The process is simple – you provide us with the medical equipment that needs to be repaired and we exchange it with refurbished medical equipment that allows you to be back up and running without any downtime or lost revenue.


Why Should You Deal With Insite Electronics Services?

The reasons to work with Insite Electronics Services are many. Wither you’re dealing with equipment exchanges, repairs, or purchasing new or refurbished equipment, Insite makes the entire process extremely easy. We can provide order forms that are located on our website and often work to complete most repairs in as little as one week, once we’ve received your equipment.

We serve a variety of medical providers and hospitals, located both within the US as well as overseas. Even though our client base continues to grow, we still strive to provide the highest level of customer service that our clients can continue to depend on. When you place a call to Insite Electronics Services, you’ll be talking to a real person that is likely involved in the repair of your exact medical device equipment, as opposed to a phone tree of automated prompts that lead to nowhere.

At Insite Electronics Services, we also offer a variety of value added services, that we think separate our company from some of our competitors. These services include:

  • No charge loaners
  • No evaluation fees
  • Technical documentation when applicable
  • Free technical support
  • Free parts when available


Ready to Partner With Insite Electronics Services Today?

If you have any type of patient monitoring equipment that is in need of repair, feel free to reach out to the professionals at Insite Electronics Services today by phone at 864-599-1922 or through our online contact form.

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