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Medical Equipment Repairs You Can Count On

23 May, 2016 / by admin
Medical Equipment Repairs You Can Count On

Medical equipment can literally save lives. It can be the one difference in whether a patient wakes up and spends time with their loved ones, or never wakes up again. It is so important to keep medical equipment in excellent, working order. At I.E.S., Insite Electronic Services, we provide medical equipment repairs you can count on. Located in South Carolina, we are just a phone call away from getting your medical equipment fixed appropriately quickly!


Servicing Patient Monitoring Systems

What is a patient monitoring system and what exactly does it mean? Patient monitoring systems can mean a lot of different things to different people. For one, it’s a way to check a patient’s vital signs. How is their heart rate? Are they oxygenating well? Is their blood pressure elevated? Is their heart in an abnormal rhythm? The knowledge that these monitors measure can hold critical values in life or death situations. So when its values are incorrect or not functioning properly, it can produce life changing outcomes for your patients. I.E.S. has highly trained technicians that can routinely evaluate and service your monitoring systems so that you can feel confident as a provider that your vital signs are accurate.


Repairing and Exchanging Equipment

When your equipment breaks down, who are you going to call? Hint: Not the manufacturer! Calling the manufacturer means that you are almost guaranteed to have a long wait time and likely, not the high quality repair job that you were searching for. We are able to complete repairs efficiently and quickly, while also maintaining our high quality standard of customer service. Typically, most of our repair jobs can be completed within one week, longer for high volume repairs. If you absolutely feel like you cannot wait, and often times in healthcare you cannot, we will exchange your product with an already fixed and refurbished piece of equipment. This means your patients do not have to suffer and wait.


Refurbished Equipment

Forget the stigma of the word “refurbished.” I.E.S. makes our refurbished products look and feel brand new! It is a great alternative to purchasing brand new equipment and is thoroughly inspected by our highly trained technicians so that it looks and feels like a brand new piece of equipment.


Free technical support, loaner devices, free parts, no evaluation fees, and technical documentation are just some of the many added values that make our customers at I.E.S. so happy. If you need your medical equipment repaired fast, call us today at 864-599-1922.

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