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Refurbished Medical Repair Equipment You Can Count On

01 Apr, 2016 / by admin
Refurbished Medical Repair Equipment You Can Count On


If you’re in the market for updated patient monitoring systems, you have quite a few options. You can choose to purchase either new or refurbished patient monitoring systems. In this blog we’ll outline some of the reasons why purchasing refurbished medical equipment may be beneficial to your organization or medical facility.


Lower Cost

One of the primary reasons medical facilities choose refurbished medical equipment is because of the lower cost. Refurbished equipment is much more economical than buying new, yet still offers equipment that will work perfectly for you for many years to come.


Robust Quality Control Processes

Refurbished medical equipment has gotten a bit of a bad name due to some companies not properly testing their equipment after it had been repaired. At Insite Electronic Services we thoroughly test all of our refurbished medical equipment to ensure it’s working in the same way as new equipment. It’s our goal that our refurbished medical equipment provides the same level of service to you as new equipment.

To achieve this high level of equipment quality, we have a team of medical repair equipment experts who tirelessly test each and every piece of equipment after it has been repaired. No piece of equipment will make its way through our quality control process if it does not meet the needs of our customers.


Faster Turnaround

Some medical equipment can be difficult to find and therefore having it repaired is a much better option. At Insite, we offer fast turnaround times of usually around one week, assuming that we have the necessary parts in stock to perform your equipment repair. This means that should your equipment need to be repaired or replaced, we’ll have your machine back in service as quickly as possible.


Smaller Company Feel

Many times when you’re having your medical equipment refurbished you’re working with a smaller company who truly appreciates your business. At Insite, we’re a family owned organization that knows and appreciates each of our customers. Unlike large corporations, at Insite you’re much more than just a number.


Contact our Team to Browse our Selection of Refurbished Medical Device Equipment

If you’re convinced that your medical facility could benefit from refurbished medical equipment, don’t hesitate to contact Insite Electronic Services today at 864-599-1922. We would be happy to discuss our wide selection of refurbished patient monitoring systems that may work for your needs.


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